Here at Jasper and Tallow we have a mix of inspirationally designed, visually pleasing, environmental sourced furniture of vintage and contemporary styles available to buy directly online. Our aim is to create and build the ultimate online shopping experience whilst offering exceptional customer service.

Furniture is my passion. Both my grandfather and his father before him were skilled furniture makers, so I guess you would say it’s in my blood.​ Our goal is to inspire with functional timeless brands that stand the test of time: carefully put together collections of the highest quality products that also represent the best value for money. At Jasper & Tallow our philosophy is simple, don’t buy into the throw-away society. Instead, consider the beauty in the items you purchase. Each piece will have a story to tell; from the thoughtfulness of the design to the details in the construction your furniture should bring you joy in your home.

Much to the embarrassment of my friends, I have been known to closely inspect furniture wherever we go, but they admire my enthusiasm to source products anyone would be proud to own and cherish for life.

​Our buying team is very creative and has a wonderful eye for beauty and the simple grandeur of the traditional. They are inspired by the world’s catalogue of furniture designs and the endless possibilities of contemporary styling. In short, we source beautiful and useful products that are made with passion and attention to detail for living, dining, study: for your home!

We view our collections as ‘work in progress’ and aim to keep them current and dynamic. Feedback is welcome, so please let us know what you think or if there is something we are missing – or something you love.

Enjoy browsing!


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