Privacy Policy

Last modified: 24 October 2016

1. Scope of this Document

1.1 is a website owned and operated by Jasper and Tallow Limited (us, we, our). For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 we are the data controller responsible for this website. Your usage of, and interactions with, this website is covered by this privacy policy which sets out how we collect, use and share information that identifies you or is associated with you (“personal information”). It should be expressly noted that we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

1.2 Should you have any questions relating to how we may use of your details, please write to us at P.O. Box, 390, Hertford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

1.3 Please be aware that we use cookies to store and access information whilst providing access to our site. You can find out more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy.

2. Data Sharing and Access to Data

2.1 In addition to any situation explained below, we are obliged to share any data we collect if we are required to do so by the appropriate legal authorities in the fulfilment of our obligations under the laws of England and Wales.

2.2 Should we wish to access or share your data using any other method other than that described here in this privacy policy, we will contact you in advance and will only proceed once we have your explicit consent.

3. How we use the data we collect

3.1 The submitted data is sent to us when any user of our website voluntarily submits a form or information directly to us or on our website. As such we may use this data to get in touch with you in relation to your correspondence. Please note that access to any such data that we may collect is restricted to our staff members who use this data expressly in order to effectively discharge their duties and responsibility to the company in accordance with their job description.

3.2 When a user places an order through our website, we will store the user’s full name, address, telephone number, and email address. Should the need arise this information will be used in order to get in touch with said user in relation to that user’s website order and to send said user any goods purchased through the website.


4. This privacy policy and any future amendments

4.1 We, on occasion, may find it necessary to amend and / or make changes to this privacy policy. Following any such amendments, the date at the top of the privacy policy will be changed accordingly to reflect the date on which the amendments were made. It should be expressly noted that should such an amendment pertain to the wider access to or sharing of data, any such amendments shall only apply to information collected after the date that this privacy policy was updated.