Why you Need a Sideboard

Sideboard Elise

A sideboard is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture that can serve many purposes in many rooms in the house. I’ve rounded up some of the best uses in each room in this post. Read on and find out why you need a sideboard! Click the images to find out more about each item.

Dining room

A sideboard offers plenty of storage in the dining room, and can hold everyday items such as placemats and tablecloths. You can also store occasional decorative items such as vases or candlesticks. Keep your recipe books in there if you don’t have a bookshelf, or any other items that you don’t know where to keep!

The top of the sideboard in the dining room can serve two functions; use it as a decorative space to display flowers, photographs and trinkets, or use the space when serving big meals with the whole family.

Living room

Again, the generous amount of storage offered by a sideboard is of great benefit in the living room. You can store spare throws or cushions out of the way for the colder months. Or perhaps keep magazines tidy or put children’s toys away in a space that is easy for them to access.

The top of the sideboard can be used to display some of your decorative items, or can be used as a television stand, saving space by combining two functions.

Elise Sideboard


You may be wondering why you would want a sideboard in the kitchen. Drawers can be used to organise cutlery or utensils, while the cupboards can be used to store recipe books, first aid box or drinks equipment. You could turn one side into your very own “cocktail bar” for nights in with friends!


If your room is too low for a wardrobe, or a wardrobe would be too dominating, a sideboard is perfect. Due to their low profiles, they can easily sit beneath a window, giving you a naturally-lighted dresser top.

The drawers can be used for smaller items of clothing such as socks, while the cupboards can be used for jeans, shirts or spare blankets for the winter.

Home office

The top of the sideboard is a great place to put your printer and filing trays, while the drawers can organise stationary. The cupboards can be used for your documents, folders, spare paper or books.


A sideboard can even be used in the hallway to great effect. You can keep your shoes tidy or store the dog’s lead and favourite squeaky toy. Place a lamp on the top, a small tray for keys or other small items and a vase of flowers for a burst of freshness and a pop of colour when you enter the house.

So there you have it – if you don’t have a sideboard, maybe now is the time to get this incredibly useful item in your home! Use the links below to look around our website.

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